September 26, 2020

Mindfulness for Parents

A parents guide to


Raising happy children

In today’s world of devices and achieving targets, it has become more and more important to help children deal with stress and anxiety.

This workshop introduces parents to some simple techniques of mindfulness that can   be passed to their young ones, resulting in calmer, happier children who are able to deal with life ups and downs and develop skills which will last a lifetime.

Carly Sargent


Hi, I’m Carly, primary school teacher, yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher and general wellness enthusiast within Hampshire. 

From my many years of being a primary school teacher, I wanted to create a pre-emptive approach to our young people’s mental well-being. With 3 children in every classroom experiencing some kind of mental health issue, I was extremely motivated to create a program that equips our younger generation with the tools to take away and use daily. Through both yoga and mindfulness, children are taken on an exciting journey of self-awareness, curiosity and emotional understanding. By creating a safe, calm and happy place, they can enjoy the benefits of physical movement, imagination, empathy as well as lots of practical tools to use through day-to-day life.

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Saturday 21Nov at 9:30am
Parents of Primary School Age


Saturday 28Nov at 9:30am
Parents of Secondary school age