June 26, 2020

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The Wickham Wellness Studio is headed up by Vicky Martin and Rachel Cherry, both highly qualified Pilates instructors and therapists. Our ethos is to provide a range of safe solutions for exercise, offer tailored routes to reduce and eradicate pain, incorporate ways to build flexibility and fitness and improve your overall wellbeing. All in a relaxed, welcoming space with like minded friends and knowledgeable practitioners. 

We’re always aiming to extend what we offer here to include a wider range of therapies, plus workshops and events – so if you’re looking for a space to run a class or you would like to host an activity at The Wickham Wellness Studio then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wickham Wellness Studio
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Wickham Pilates & Wellness Studio, Hampshire

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We offer various Pilates classes and you can choose to join one of our weekly classes or opt for private tuition in matwork, reformer and stability chair. There are Pilates classes to suit all abilities and we have students of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

You can book a Sports Massage or Physiotherapy session to realign, rejuvenate or relieve pain – or a course of sessions. We will always take time to discuss your goals with you first, and consider your medical history carefully.

Our team is close knit and we’re all very good friends. We’ve recently welcomed foot health practitioner, Carol Howse to the fold and you can find out more about the whole  team below:

Vicky Martin and Rachel Cherry Pilates instructors
Vicky Martin

Pilates Instructor & Sports Massage Therapist

“I love seeing the delight when people achieve something they thought was impossible, whether that be getting off the floor, a pain-free dog walk or taking part in an ultramarathon. I’ve seen how pain plays with people’s minds and paralyses them with fear of moving. Working in a non-judgemental, compassionate way through soft tissue work and Pilates, I’ve seen the potential unwrap in people as they re-educate their movement and regain their balance of life.

I’m generally a very private person and can be a bit of a hermit. I do love being with my family, friends and dogs though, and I love a decent cup of coffee! I also have a thirst for learning whether that’s gardening, cooking, different cultures, people’s lives. I probably should’ve been an engineer, as I’m constantly intrigued about how things work! I gravitate towards kind, authentic people and believe that everyone has good and bad times in real life!”

Rachel Cherry

Pilates Instructor

“I believe physical activity should be a fun experience – something you may not always look forward to doing but always come away glad you made the effort.  As a physiotherapist, I understand the importance of staying flexible and strong, especially as the years pass; and I know everyone has the potential to improve, given the right opportunity and a nurturing environment. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the body and how it moves, enabling each person to get the maximum from their session, achieve more than they thought possible and enable them to continue all the activities they enjoy, or keep up with the younger family members!

To me the world is a fascinating place. I have spent many extended times travelling and love the different experiences each country has to offer, be it a crowded, hair-raising bus journey through India, swimming with dolphins off the Zanzibar coast or trying new food delights at a local food market in Thailand.  I love being outside, often being found at the beach sailing or windsurfing, or spending time pottering in the garden – an enthusiastic rather than knowledgeable gardener I think the plants would say!  But life is about balance, so I am equally happy curled on a sofa (or in a hammock!) getting lost in a good book.”


Anne Hume

Pilates Instructor & Sports Massage Therapist

Anne also offers Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Swedish Massage.

“It always delights me when I treat clients of any age who have been suffering with pain and discomfort for many years, to get so much relief, flexibility and wellbeing from a massage and Pilates. In some cases they would never of thought about adopting this holistic approach to help their conditions. 

I have a very simple life which I love. I enjoy being with my family and friends. My two daughters are grown up now, so when not working I enjoy walking, running, tennis, generally keeping fit and active.  Love pottering in my garden, and learning new things whether it be cooking, language taking up a new sport/ activity. I enjoy being with people who are kind and make me laugh, never judging someone by their appearance.”

Nevin Simpkin


“I qualified in STOTT PILATES® in 2017 and am passionate about the benefits that Pilates can bring to everyone. As well as working at Wickham Wellness Centre, I also teach at various Health Clubs and Gyms on the south coast as well as running my own classes. I’m trained in small equipment including foam rollers, small balls, fitballs, fitness circles, flex bands and am also qualified in Advanced Matwork. I am a qualified ZENGA and Reformer Pilates instructor too (Beginner/Intermediate level).

Through my own personal experience I was amazed at the benefits Pilates has both physically and mentally and now as a instructor I love helping others discover this as well.” 

Carol Howse

Foot Health

“I spent years suffering from foot pain myself, receiving all sorts of treatment which piqued my interest in a foot-related change in career. I trained as a Foot Health Practitioner (I think of myself as a foot nurse) and thoroughly enjoy my work.  The emphasis is on all round foot ‘health’. I am not a beautician and I am not a surgeon, however   I use instruments & equipment to work on callus, corns, cracked heels and thickened & damaged nails which can reduce pain, ease discomfort and make your feet look a lot nicer too.  

I’ve been practicing for over 5 years in and around Portchester and now am very pleased to be working at the Wickham Wellness Centre too. You can make an appointment on Tuesdays and I look forward to seeing you and your feet very soon!”

Emma Hazeldene


“I am a holistic health practitioner. My background is in Adult nursing and more recently mental health. Although I am practised in many things, my passion is for reflexology. It amazes me how this subtle and gentle therapy has such powerful affects upon a person…. mind, body and spirit. There is no greater feeling than watching a client leave you with the deep sense of relaxation and balance that reflexology provides. 

I have a special interest in women’s health and have completed further training in essential oils and the menopause, preconception, pregnancy and facial reflexology. As an aromatherapist, I am able to blend individual essential oil blends to use during the treatment and can provide blends to use between treatments if required. 

Apart from working in Wickham Wellness studio, I work part time within mental health and as a senior assessor for a holistic therapy school. I love being a Mum to three child and have too many animals!”

Anne Lamerton

Meditation Teacher

“I began my meditation journey about 8 years ago, just wanting to feel happier, calmer and less reactive. I quickly began to experience the peaceful effect of regular mediation, and I found myself being more patient with my children and more tolerant of others.

It became clear to me that I wanted to share the benefits of Buddist meditation (and you don’t need to be a Buddhist to benefit!) so about five years ago, I became one of the teachers at the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Southampton. Since then I have taught regular classes and courses both in Southampton and Winchester.

Alongside teaching I work at the Kadampa Meditation Centre with the marketing team and in my spare time enjoy family and two black labs!